Mount View Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Loving God, Loving Others, Proclaiming The Gospel

180 Student Ministry

We are ordinary students who follow an extraordinary Savior.

Many people ask what is the 180 all about? 

Jesus asked people to turn away from their sin and follow Him or in other words to do a 180.

This ministry is all about students turning from worldly things and focusing on Godly things.  

Mt. View Baptist's youth leaders work very closely together to make sure that our students experience positive spiritual growth.  The youth are not only the future of our church, they are also the current church.  We take ministering to our youth very seriously.  If you are in grades 7-12, please consider this an invitation to join our student ministry.

Sunday Morning

On Sunday mornings, we offer a Sunday School class for each age group.  Seventh through twelth grade guys and girls are in gender separate classes which are designed for open discussion to teach Biblical principles that students can apply in their day-to-day lives.

Wednesday Night

On Wednesday nights the students get together for student worship. The students come together as a group to sing and hear a message about Christ. The main focus on Wednesdays is coming together as a student ministry and growing in our faith in Christ together.

Other Activities

Other youth activities include Fall Festival ministry, Student Life camp, D-Now, and many seasonal activities like parties, hayrides, lock-ins, and concerts.

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